Dolphins, Maroons, College

Thank You Lord! ūüôā

Random things about me. :

I’m studying at University of the Philippines – Diliman, taking Bachelor of Library and Information Studies. Yes, future librarian. No, I’m not a nerd (and I have nothing against them). I’m a very loud person. I’m not smart. I’m a professional crammer (I don’t even know if that’s a word, anyways). You know, one who does her homeworks/schoolworks an hour before the deadline. Yes, I’m a girl. But walks, talks and acts like a dude. I’ve donated blood – twice (very random, I know) And yeah, I’m a random person. Like, I say and do things out-of-nowhere. Hmmm. I have lots of “friends”. I easy get along with people.¬†

After I graduated from high school, I skipped school for one semester. Then, studied at Philippine Christian University. I took Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in General Science. I’ve always loved science. But, after receiving a 2.50 grade in my General Inorganic and Organic Chemistry subject, I gave up. Well it’s my fault, I’m always late at my class. I decided that I “want” to be a teacher after serving at church as a Sunday school teacher when I was not studying. Then, studying at school where I’m not really happy isn’t very healthy. Transferring to UPD is one of my best decisions that I’ve ever made. I finally found a place where I fit in. A place where I could be myself. A place where people won’t judge me based on what I’m reading, watching or doing. Anyways, when I was at PCU, I’m always excited to leave the campus. While here at UP, I even spent the night outside the Main Library (day/night before the Lantern Parade 2012).¬†Yeah, I’m so stressed. I have lots of things to do, lots of readings to read, lots of projects to finish, lots of lessons to study, but at least I’M HAPPY. I was happy when I was in PCU. But, not really contented. I passed my requirements without studying hard. Now, I studied hard yet it isn’t enough to¬†guarantee that I would get high grades. ¬†It’s frustrating.¬†

Okay, enough. I must be doing my final papersssss., Will write again later. xx



I’m really sorry, I’m a very random person. I write whatever pops on my mind. xx