“What if…”

100_1023Last Thursday, my churchmates (Ruth, Rizza, Jerich, Nikki, Jepoy, Pearl, Jessica) and I played the “What if..” game. Basically, the mechanics of the game is that each one of us have a piece of paper wherein we will write a “what if” situation and an answer. (For example: What if someone will give me an ice cream later… then, I will be so happy”) Something like that. Anyways, after that, we will fold the papers, mix them with the others then pick up a paper (that is not ours). Did you get it? I’m sorry. I’m so sabaw. -_-
Then the person A will read the what if question from his/her paper BUT person B will read the what if answer and his/her paper. So it’s kinda jumbled, or doesn’t even make sense at all

Did you get it????

Ugh, anyways, whatever. Disclaimer: Medyo walang sense. Sobrang sabaw. šŸ˜€

So, here it is:


(First round)
What if may chance pa?… Pwede bang ako na lang?
What if hindi kayo?… Eh di may chance na tayo. (Chos. HAHA)
What if single ka?… Eh di mas close tayo!
What if mas nauna kitang nakilala?… so you’re not worth it, you won’t deserve it.
What if you give up?…Edi clear sana ang lahat
What if sabihin ko sa iyo yung totoo?… Mas masaya sana ang lahat.
What if hindi sila nakialam?…Eh di pag umulan pagsisisihan mong iniwan mo ako.
What if payong ka?… Eh kaso wala na talaga.


(Second round)
What if naging matiyaga ka?…May chance naman siguro.
What if crush pala kita?… Eh di sobrang masasaktan ako.
What if mayroon na siyang iba?…ikaw ang gusto ko, hindi pa ba sapat iyon?
What if may dumating na iba?…masakit yun.
What if tapusin ko na ang lahat sa atin?…Ay walangya! Sayang pagmamahal ko!
What if mahal kita, tapos mahal mo iba?… Wag ka ng umasa.
What if mahal niya ako?…Eh di sana friends padin kayo.
What if hindi siya nagtapat sayo?…Eh di sana pwede nang maging tayo.


(Third round)
What if hindi tayo nagkakilala?…Edi masaya!
What if kami na?… Hindi siya para sayo.
What if ni let go ka na niya?…Wala eh, di talaga pwede.
What if mahal na kita?…Eh di sana hanggang ngayon masaya pa.
What if pinaglaban niya?… Masaya sana ang lahat.
What if tayo pala talaga?…Wala naman akong pinagsisisihan eh.
What if hindi naging tayo?…Eh di masakit sobra at di ko matatanggap.
What if wala ka talagang gusto sa akin?…Eh di hindi ko maisip na kaya ko palang magmahal ng ganito.


Try reading the second what if question then the first what if answer… Then the third question and the second answer.. Repeat. Does it make sense? Because that’s the original sentence. šŸ˜€



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